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ultimitsu wrote:

Skip M wrote:

btw, not that it matters, pentax mirrorless has true native support of their lens, no adaptor needed.

You mean the Q mount? I can't find anything that says it supports Pentax K mount lenses, but if it does, it's most likely because of the diminutive nature of the sensor in the cameras.


By native support it doesnt have to mean straight out mount. what I was thinking is to include a free plastic aperture control only mount adaptor in the EOS M package, or have that as a inexpensive kit deal (for example extra 20 USD or so).

They have that, just like Sony, Oly, etc. When you say "native," you will be taken to mean that no adapter will be needed. It ain't cheap though, at $200. Sony's is $269, not sure what Oly's is.

You are missing the point. M43 now have a very good lens line up there is no need for such adaptor. NEX is on its way to have a good number of lenses, and in any case it has got great market presence.

That's one advantage of the M4/3 stuff, you're not dependent on one mfr. for lenses.

Canon has no lens line up for M, the smart thing to do is to offer a free or 20 dollar aperture control plastic mount that lets people use their EFS lens straight away, that 200 dollar adaptor is way too expensive for people to buy into M.

I don't know that I'd want a $20 adaptor, what with the electronics involved.

5D3 does have relatively weak IQ performance, it has less res, less DR, less colour depth and less iso SNR at iso 3200.

Look at DxO's charts, it has less res, lower DR at low ISO, better at high ISO,

you are wrong. D800 and D600 are both better at high iso.

I said "look at the charts" not the subjective "ratings" that DxO awards.

the difference in color depth is not visible to the naked eye

That is false, it is only not visible when you look at them on 6 bit TN LCDs. Pros use Medium format for fashion shoots that end up print in magazines.

These aren't MF and I don't shoot for magazines. (Well, actually I do, but not fashion mags.) Besides, offset printing isn't exactly the end all and be all for color rendition.

and its SNR scribes a straight line right along with the D600 and D800.

Strightline doesnt mean nothing, check how DXO measures their sports performances (high iso)

I don't know how DxO arrives at their subjective ratings, because they are directly counter to what they measure:

http://www.dxomark.com/index.php/Cameras/Compare-Camera-Sensors/Compare-cameras-side-by-side/ (appareil1) 834%7C0 (brand) Nikon (appareil2) 795%7C0 (brand2) Canon (appareil3) 792%7C0 (brand3) Nikon

Mark my word, there will be total of 9 FF 135 DSLR released in year 2012: 1DX, D4, D800, 5D3, A99, RX1, D600, 6D and Leica M. 5D3 will have the second lowest, if not the lowest overall IQ performance.

Doubtful. Sony hasn't shown the ability to outperform Canon's sensors except fro the one they supply to Nikon.

A900 and A850 both had very good low iso IQ, they did not win the market partly because of bad high iso. but Sony has learnt a lot since 2008, their current NEX line have very good high iso.

But all of that is a red herring, to distract from your statement that Canon should have "natively" supported EF and EF-S lenses. That first paragraph is pretty hard to deny, sir.

yes, I believe M should offer an adaptor right out of the box for free for people to use their EF-s lenses.

Well, I believe that Santa should bring me a pony this Christmas, but that ain't gonna happen, either.

I will admit to a bit of surprise that Canon didn't come out of the gate with more than two lenses and a teeny flash in support of this new camera. An add on VF would be cool, a couple of other lenses, etc. I'd expect them to be pretty fast at adding these on.
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