Samsung fanboy?

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Re: Samsung fanboy? Hi Smarter, thank you for replying. My GX10 is a low

shutter usage model too.

smarter wrote:

Taffy wrote:

Smarter, could ypu please tell me, (if I'm not being to personal), what is a "good," price for a Samsung GX10?

Hello Allan,

I bought my Samsung GX-10 at a private Ebay (Germany, Europe) auction last month. I paid € 179,- for It (= approx. $ 230).

Mine is in an absolute mint condition and has only 8.900 clicks on it (the shutter is rated for over 100.000 clicks). The 18-55mm Samsung/ Schneider kitlens was included, as well as the charger and original battery. No boxes, software or manual included.

Mine is in mint condition, and has both the kit lenses, the 18-55mm and the 50-200mm lens too. It also has the manual, and the original box. Do you have any idea, how much I should be looking for. to sell it?

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Have a good day.
Regards Allan

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