The Viewfinder Situation: My Conclusion

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Gary Dean Mercer Clark
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Re: The Viewfinder Situation: My Conclusion

The Sigma accessory might work for you:

Just thinking that most of the stuff you want to do is framing up the image etc easily and if you are doing street scenes, landscapes etc--this external viewfinder might work?

gary mercer wrote:

Get an optical viewer to put ontop of the Sony so you can frame your shots like the accessory for the Sigma DP1s? Maybe this will help you use the Sony better?

I understand your argument about the EVF viewfinders, but I have no problems with the viewfinder on my Sony A77. Isn't it the same as the viewfinder in the Nex-7?

davids8560 wrote:

I have made up my mind. I am not going to buy any more cameras that do not provide at the very least the option of adding an accessory viewfinder.

I had high hopes for the RX100, with its White Magic LCD. But mine has let me down. I feel so ripped-off being unable to frame a shot and/or read shooting info on the screen of a $650 camera in bright sunlight. It's a great camera, to be sure. Most of the time the absence of a viewfinder isn't a detriment. But for the price and sophistication of the camera, having to shoot in the "general direction" of my subject isn't okay at all.

Every LCD-only camera I've tried comes up short. My Canon SX230, my Canon S95, my Sony HX30V, and my Nikon S4 all have the same weakness. Same thing holds true for my old Panasonic TZ1. Enough already! Frankly, I don't think any manufacturer yet makes an LCD that is plainly readable in bright sunshine, even at the LCD's maximum setting.

If conditions promise to be bright, and I want to use a smaller camera, I find myself leaning on my Olympus XZ-1, with its optional, expensive but very capable VF-2 viewfinder. Or I just use a larger camera. My NEX-7, for example. Of course, the NEX-7 is far from pocketable.

I find all these new RAW-capable, enthusiast pocket cameras very appealing, but without some sort of viewfinder option, I'm just not going to shell out any money for them.

I don't terribly mind looking at the screen and shooting at arm's length. But I can't stand not being able to see what I'm doing.

This concludes my rant.

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