6D with 11pt AF with one crosspoint?? I mean... wow

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Reports from Fred Miranda + Luminous Landscape

Fred Miranda:


"2. The outer AF points worked very good (immediatelly reaction and accurate) on the well lit booth. Felt much better than 5D II ever did."

"here was a dark "testcave" to check the center AF-point -3 EV capabilities. The target was so dark that I even was not able to see where I was pointing to. I just saw some kind of a more lit area pointed the center AF sensor to it and pushed the shutter release.

6. The result was blowing away my mind. The confirmation with 50mm 1.4 came immediatelly! The focus set perfect and I first could see what I shot on the screen! I did this maybe 10-15 times, turned the camera to the side and did a portrait of a backlit visitor sitting half in the darkness. Focus was perfect. The 5D II in compare was surching, surching, surching. It did not confirm. I repeated the test with the man and it was surching and surching and at least confirmed, too. I shot the pic but I can not say if it found the correct focus, because it was a 1/15th shot wide open and I could not hold it (sorry, I forgott to check the ISO setting). The pic done with the 6D was rasorsharp at ISO 25k.

To be honest: This was the camera I wished for my needs as a 5D II follow up one year ago (some might remember). I am sure this new body will become a great success. A friend of mine who tested the Tamron 24-70 at his 1D X went over to the Canon booth and checked 6D, too.

His impression: "It´s plastic! But this sensitivness should have had found its way into the 1D X!""

Luminous Landscape:


"While the 6D will not hit stores until just before Christmas, my experience with it is very positive. Nothing can be said about image quality for the moment, but the user-feel is excellent. The camera is quick in all respects and does not give up a lot to its much, much more expensive cousin, the 5D3. It will be interesting to test these cameras side-by-side to see what that extra 50% in price gets you, since the megapixel count is virtually identical. I will be very curious to see if there is any meaningful difference.

The frame rate is down to 4.5 fps, but that matches the D800 and is more than adequate for everything but sports. The AF was, on a quick indoor examination really very fast and good at picking out the appropriate subjects."

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