6D with 11pt AF with one crosspoint?? I mean... wow

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Re: 6D with 11pt AF with one crosspoint?? I mean... wow

JackM wrote:

Disagree. They could have put in a system with 9 cross-type AF points, at this price. That's what the Nikon has.

I don't think they can without eroding 5Dmk3 sales otherwise they surely would have done this.

Nikon's situation is completely different because all 3 FF models have vastly different sensors. 16mp, 24mp, and 36mp.

Canon has 4 with 18-22mp. If you leave out the 1DX for pros, that's 3 (if you count the outgoing 5Dmk2) with 20-22mp and no significant difference between them.

They should have released the 5Dmk3 with 30mp+ because it would have allowed them to beef up the 6D's specs.

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