Fuji: Silver X-E1 "Perfect for women"

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Re: Fuji: Silver X-E1 "Perfect for women"


I've lived in Japan for 14 years and that is exactly the same response I have sometime.

People are sometimes too uptight about such things like this. The Japanese on the other hand recognize and seem to celebrate that differences between men and woman are normal and natural.

I'm in Chiba BTW..


mainger wrote:

Actually, this kind of comment is perfectly OK in Japan. It's assumed here that women and men don't want the same designs, and therefore some designs (not just the pink ones!) are marketed towards women, and expressely state so. Also, the level of "chauvinism" you can get away here is really quite high. I bought a wooden shelf from Muji last year that had, printed on the label : "so easy to put up even women could do it." I asked my female friends about this and most of them said it was a positive thing, because in their mind, diy is for men, it needs complex tools, etc. The label made them confident.

As a foreigner here, it makes my skin crawl sometimes, but it's hard to objectively judge another culture. Still pretty funny though

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