The new 18-55mm lens: the only lens one needs?

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The new 18-55mm lens: the only lens one needs?

So this lens is f2.8 to f4.0.
It is 18-55mm, so you have your 18mm, your 35mm and your (almost) 56 or 60mm.

So what would be better? How about price?
Buying a 18mm f2.0 plus a 35mm f1.4 plus a 60mm f2.4 or this one?
The zoom will cost you $700, these 3 will cost you $1800.
So for the price the 18-55 wins.

Size? These 3 are all smaller than the 18-55 but the 60 ain't that smaller and if you carry all three primes, together they are much bigger and heavier
So for the size/convenience I will call it a draw.

How about speed?

Primes always have better IQ than zoomlenses. And they are a lot faster. Wait, did I say faster? Let me compare the 55mm long end of the 18-55 with the 60mm.

F4.0 versus f2.4. But the zoom has IS which gains you three(!) stops. So that makes it a 4.0, 3.5, 2.8, f2.4 lens! So the speed should be the same at the long end at 55mm versus 60mm prime.

At 18mm it's a 2.8 so that would make it a 2.4, 2.0, f1.8 lens! Thats better than the 18mm f2.0 prime.

At 35mm, the zoom will probably be around f3.5, so that would make it a f2.0. Fast, but still a lot slower than the 35mm f1.4 prime.
So when it comes to speed they are about the same (except for the 35mm).

Then the big question: IQ?

Well, the speed is ok. It is a Fuji zoomlens. Time will tell if the quality is excellent or not. Also if the bokeh at the long end will be pleasing enough. If the IQ is excellent this 18-55 lens might be the only lens one needs!

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