How would you like YOUR D400 to be, for how much??

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Re: How would you like YOUR D400 to be, for how much??

mistermejia wrote:

I own D7000 and for sure i am turned off by the still high price of the D600. It is more of a D7000 in steroids and its characteristics are not mainly from the D800. Also i am not planning in throwing away all my current DX investment and 1.5 crop longer reach capability.

I will definitely upgrade to a D400 when it comes out, which eventually it will and BETTER than the D600. What features would you want from a D400?

Me, pay $1899 with a built-in camera wireless capability to send my photos to friends right away, also to view to a TV without having to connect any physical cables.

There are phones that do that now. What is it beyond the phone feature that you are looking for?

I would like D300 with a stop improvement in ISO performance, CF card slot, better video with decent speed CDAF in video, and improved AF tracking. Drop the AF system from the D2Hs in there and I would be REALLY happy.

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