Sigma wants you to fix back-front focusing yourself.....

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David Burren Regular Member • Posts: 391
It's not just focus issues.

I've owned 2 Sigma lenses. The first was a 17-35 back in 2001, and it was a complete dog optically. Upgraded to the EF 17-40/4 and was very happy. But it didn't scare me off Sigma entirely. The second was a 180mm macro, which was great. I eventually sold it when I realised I wasn't using it any more (and felt uneasy when I realised that it did not AF at_all with the 7D - not a major issue for a macro lens, but the lens was good at non-macro things as well).

Because Sigma's had to reverse-engineer the EF mount there's always the possibility that a future EOS camera model will have incompatibility with a new set of Sigma lenses. Re-chipping can be done in many cases, but it would be even better if a user-installed firmware upgrade could fix the issue.

As far as focussing issues go, MFA in the camera is great (and even better in the new bodies where the camera can have different adjustments for each of the lens's zoom range, and interpolate between them). However adjustments in the lens do have the possibility of finer control.

I'm considering the new 120-300 as a future option, and the USB dock does make the package slightly more attractive. But open questions remain about the dock:

  • Will it be available for mounts other than Sigma's? Canon/Pentax/Nikon/Sony/etc?

  • How much is it likely to cost?

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