How many 'shots' is a digital camera good for?

Started Sep 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
Russell Fielding Regular Member • Posts: 160
Re: How many 'shots' is a digital camera good for?

Taz, that is an incredible amount of photos - not just for the camera to be able to take but also for you to take. Average of 192 a day for 7 years, is that right? Wow.

Taz240 wrote:

My 7 year old FZ30 has taken over 490,000 pictures and is still going well. it has one dead pixel and the on/off switch has worn down flat, all of the rubber grips have been worn away, it has been dropped numerous times, once into water, but this little beauty still works perfectly and takes excellent pictures even though it looks unbelievably worn on the outside. I don't think anyone would buy it looking at it, and I would never sell it. I'd send it to Panasonic to put into a museum first


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