GH3 sort of "Focus Peaking" !!!

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Re: GH3 sort of "Focus Peaking" !!!

I often use a Sony NEX 5 for macro/product photos with legacy mf macro lenses. I find that focus peaking helps me get close to exact focus, but I still have to magnify the view and fine-tune focus to be sure my intended focus point is truly sharp. When I rely solely on focus peaking often the intended focus point is a little soft.

I suspect peaking works better for subjects further from the camera, where depth of field is deeper and slight focusing errors won't be as visible.

Given the choice between focus peaking and Panny's touch-screen focus, which both magnifies the subject and shifts the focus point to where you poked, I find touch-screen focus to be more useful, consistent and accurate. I wouldn't mind having both, of course.

Andr2 wrote:

Well, at least I know now what focus peaking is.
Seems like a nifty feature for manual focussing, specially macro I think.

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