Sony NEX-6 review from Pocket-lint

Started Sep 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Sony NEX-6 review from Pocket-lint

captura wrote:

Anyhow, evidence will soon get out that the NEX 7 can't handle some of Sony's own lenses very well, (the 30 and 50) and people will be flocking to the 5R and especially, the 6.

To be honest, it would really be a big blow it the new lenses that just came out are not working on the Nex-7. We are talking since the Nex-7 came out how it is a great camera but not many good lenses. And then Sony come out with a few nice looking e-mount lenses that are not even working on the 7? Just a year after the camera was released?
Right now i say i can't believe that and wait until i know for sure.

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