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Re: pdaf does not help much

ET2 wrote:

Everdog wrote:

Other cameras still focus faster and c-af is not great.

I am sure all the recent new Nex cameras and lenses must be pretty depressing for Everdog, the guy who has been predicting the death of Nex for 2 years.

Actually I have said about 1000 times that NEX is Sony's future.
(SLTs and APS DSLRs are going away)

Nex's PDAF doesn't have to focus "faster" than M4/3. They just have to track better than M4/3 in AF-C mode.

Too bad this is such a fail then. The one review said PDAF still took 1 sec. You can't track focus very well when focusing is that slow.
Thankfully the E-M5 has it solved...

The one big failing of NEX (besides only offering kit zooms and super zooms), is that focus indoors is so painifully slow. They still haven't fixed it. The Sony solution is to put a large box around the frame and hope something is in focus.

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