New LX7 User - First Pics

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Re: New LX7 User - First Pics

SwatOx wrote:

I'm debating between this and the Sony R100, which many rate higher. But your images are wonderful, and for the kind of shooting I do, might be "as good" -- and for considerably less moolah!

I've bought both for testing (and paid the same price), I would say the LX7 is the best cam that could be made with these specs, It has all (24mm, F1.4, Macro 1cm, high speed video, low Shutter speed video, responsive, direct settings, ND filter etc.), IQ is IQ with 1/1.7, I think it's little too big for me without swivel LCD (but really the best cam since canon G10);

RX100 wins with little size, high resolution and low noise, so even With F1.8 it can capture more at wide angle even in low light, BUT at telephoto the results are Imho equivalent with LX7, the RX100 resolution make's it like a 200mm with 1/1.7 and you can use digital zoom even in video, but I think IQ otherwise is quite the same (even if sometimes I think shadows are black on RX100 and CA a bit present on LX7)

LCD brightness is not a problem at all with RX100, and it's a really good compact, LX7 for me is a bridge with all you need, so size/weight and cropping needs are the only 2 criterias.

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