Major price reduction on FZ200 on Amazon

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Re: Major price reduction on FZ200 on Amazon

brucefulton wrote:

Many Amazon customers (and this applies to other online merchants as well) don't always realize that based on what Amazon thinks it knows about your personal profile and likely buying habits and spending preferences, Amazon business intelligence processes may offer different prices to different people at different times. I once saved nearly $400 on a pair of binoculars I had been looking at that dropped for me on inquiry one day. The next day, the price went back up. They get what they can at any given time depending on what they think they can get depending on who they think the customer is.

You may be more right than you know. Yesterday, on a different thread, someone mentioned that Amazon was selling the Panasonic ZS15 for $165, and since the retracting lens of my ZS6 seems to have ingested an entire box of dust bunnies over the past week, I went to the Amazon site to check out the ZS15 for myself. Sure enough, Amazon's price was $165. I signed off and spend a half-hour seeing if I could vacuum the dust out of my ZS6. When that proved futile, I logged back on to Amazon to place an order for the ZS15. Lo and behold, Amazon's price was now $182. But Samy's, aha, was offering it for $165. Okay, so I ordered it from Samy's for $165, went away for about a half-hour to work some more on my ailing ZS6, but then went back again to the Amazon site to check on ordering a spare battery. Guess what? Amazon was offering the ZS15 for $165 again! So in the space of just about one hour, the Amazon price---at least the one I was shown---went from $165 to $182 and then back down again to $165. Incredible, no?

PS: After all that, I was able to suck the dust out of my ZS6 with a vacuum cleaner and now it's as good as new. I'll probably keep both cameras. At $165, the price of the ZS15 is too good to pass up.

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