Filters for 15-85 and 70-300L

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Re: Filters for 15-85 and 70-300L

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So I've decided on getting the canon 15-85mm and 70-300L for the 7D that I have also decided upon. So now I figure I need to figure out which filters to get for the lenses.

I am going to Hawaii and bringing both lenses. I plan to shoot landscapes/scenery/walkaround stuff with the 15-85. For the 70-300L, I'm planning on shooting whales from a boat, animals, surfers, interesting people from afar. I may also take it out to do landscapes if i'm far away and want to zoom in on something cool like a volcano peak or something

I will be with my family during the trip so stopping to switch a bunch of things won't be very practical if i want to stay in their good graces. So simplicity would also be nice

For 15-85mm

I know I need a cpl. Do I also need a UV filter or can I leave the cpl on full time? Is there a way to rotate the cpl so that the effect could be turned 'off' in a sense? Any other suggestion?

You can leave a CPL on your lens, but it reduces the light available by about 2 stops. The rotation affects the alignment of the polarising effect, not the light reduction. If I am outside in bright sunlight, I can leave my CPL on the lens without real penalty, but remember to take it off when you go into the shade.

Personally, I wouldn't bother with the UV filter. Everyone has their own view on this debate. There is a practical effect in your situation, as it takes more time to switch filters than to take one (the CPL) on and off.

for 70-300mm

I want a filter to make it weather sealed with the body. For the type of shots I mentioned, would I also want a CPL? or just a regular UV filter? Or something else entirely?

Any filter should complete the weather sealing (whatever that actually means :)). A CPL would be useful if you are taking shots where you might want to minimise reflections from water (such as whale watching).

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