"Mirrorless" is anachronistic

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Re: "Mirrorless" is anachronistic

Ha! You guys are great. It reminds me of when I was a kid: When we went to the beach (Long Beach, CA), we would pass by where the old-timers would gather at the picnic tables under the trellis and hold forth on whatever topic of the day as the "Spit & Argue Club." Many minds were changed at that event. (NOT!)

Was it Einstein who suggested that in order for Quantum physics to gain wide acceptance, all the Newtonian physicists would have to die off?

If you are a photographer who insists on lugging around your cherry wood view camera and using wet plates, you are an anachronism. If you are a photographer who would rather die than use a modern "mirrrorless" camera, You are a Luddite. We are waiting for your kind to die off, so science can advance. Adams used Polaroid, for goshsake.

I could rant on, but I have to go retard the spark on my horseless carriage and crank it up.

I love you all.

BTW, my kids liked to call me Captain Obvious whenever I tried to tell them about something they already knew. When they were going through college, they became quite insufferable (not that I minded, really).

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