Cold Feet: I purchased a 7D, but will I regret it? (I currently own a 60D.)

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Re: If you can get better images than these

Thanks to Flying Fish for linking to my post with my pictures. I'll try to answer your question Paul.

Yes, BIF photography is a whole different animal when it comes to photography. When I think I've taken a decent shot, one that I think is near perfect, I'll post it to a bird forum for critique, and get a ton of helpful criticism and suggestions. It turns out my near perfect image is full of things that can be improved upon! It can be a very exacting and demanding genre of photography, but it is also addicting. My goal is to improve and become better at it!

As far as what does one do with all these bird photos, I would imaging it's the exact same thing one does with any other type of photos (excepting family photos). The ones you are pleased with, you print and put in an album, or perhaps post to an on-line album. The ones that are exceptional (to you) you print and frame. How would it be different than landscape photography say? Some people like birds, some like landscapes, some like street photography, whatever floats your boat!
Thanks Paul,

paul johe wrote:

I'm mainly doing weddings and not much experience in bird photography. Once I tried at my backyard and realized how difficult it is. Success rate is extremely lower than weddings. I tried and wanted more longer lenses. Then, I talked to myself for what? Since my max is 200mm, I use on FF bodies. Not even close. So, I tried with it on 7D. Still the bird movement is so fast and I cannot do anything about it when they are moving. So, my backyard bird session with 7D failed. I should go out somewhere for flying birds. BTW, what you do with all these bird photos? Just curious.

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