CP4500 has a RAW mode!

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Re: Photoshop plugin white balance issues...

We only started Marc, I think we already have a good progress in processing raw considering the time that passed since it was found out. I guess we will figure out how to improve soft for better WB etc.


MarcV wrote:
I do fully understand the idea behind RAW mode. What I mean is, the
Nikon NEF import plugin for Photoshop has white balance settings
like the camera itself has. If I select FINE white balance on the
camera and take a picture in sunny conditions I get a correctly
white balanced JPG image. Now If I take a RAW image under the same
sunny conditions and import the NEF file in Photoshop with the
importer white balance set to fine (sunny) I do not get a correctly
white balanced image. Of course you can correct this in Photoshop
but I think the default white balance choices of the importer
should do the job. I assume the raw values of the 5700 (for which
the importer is actually made) do not match those of the 995.

Shizhu Pan wrote:
RAW file is a type without white balance, interpolation, sharping
and anti-aliasing, and exposure compensation. If you choose to
shoot RAW, generally this means you want to do post-processing on
it instead of let camera to all the things.

Why you can do better than camera? because the CPU of your computer
is much faster than the camera, and with the software on your
computer you can have more fexibility to processing your image just
like negative film.

What is more, RAW file has 12-bit color depth so the dynamic range
is 16 times more than the 8-bit jpeg file. you can pull details
from RAW file, which in 8-bit jpeg will be "white out overexposed"
or "black out underexposed", this kind of EV compensation is the
most important reason to choose RAW

MarcV wrote:

How useful if the RAW mode in these cameras? I have noticed that
with my 995, the white balance if not exactly correct when using
the raw mode. I took an image on a sunny day and imported the RAW
file (converted to NEF with the V0.02 version of RAW2NEF) in
Photoshop using the NEF file plugin with WB set to FINE. Instead of
a nice blue sky I got an image with a purple cast over it. I don't
yet know what the results would be with my 4500 but if every image
has a color cast over it I consider the RAW functionality useless

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