RX100 Jacket Case LCJRXA/B Price Drop

Started Sep 19, 2012 | Discussions thread
Maxxuman Senior Member • Posts: 1,761
Wow, I didn't realise they cost that much

When my office bought 2 RX100's they got these cases but I didn't realise how expensive they were. While they're elegant I don't like them personally.

It fits via the tripod mount, although a threaded base on the screw allows you to attach the camera to a tripod while in the case, so that's good. But it blocks access to the memory card/battery door and the HDMI out slot. Admittedly it does allow you to access the USB port for charging or downloading, which may reduce how often you need to take the case off. My concern is that the people in our office are likely to remove the case so the camera fits more easily in their pocket (I'd be tempted to do the same if taking the camera to a meeting or event where photography isn't the main priority). With a thinner nylon or similar case I think they'd be less likely to do so. And I think a zip up case would protect better against dust getting into the lens, which can happen when compact cameras end up in pockets.

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