Another reason to ditch Internet Explorer

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Re: Another reason to ditch Internet Explorer

A note about Secunia's reporting and use of figures :

In short - at best, not clear, and at worst deliberately misleading.

In particular note that CVE counts are practically meaningless.

One significant issue with MS is that they patch at too low a frequency and most of the IE versions in use are out of date ( which is why they're being moved to unsupported by major web providers ). The slowness to patch results in a larger window for exploitation. There's hardly a day goes by when my Linux system doesn't get a patch fixing a vulnerability, whereas MS users have to wait until MS send put a super-patch. Delays like this increase the risk to users.

MS aren't the only organization with this fault. Oracle leap to mind as their failure to rapidly address and fully fix the most recent Java zero-day issue has left everyone running Java 1.7 browser plug-ins vulnerable ( reminder to users - if you use Java 1.7 on your browser disable it now ).

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