is FX really recommended over DX?

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Re: is FX really recommended over DX?

To clarify DOF for everyone.

DOF is a result of MAGNIFICATION and Aperture, not focal length.

A shot taken with a 50mm at f1.4 from a fixed point will have the same DOF whether you use DX, FX or 5x4 inch, the only thing that changes is the image crop, If you move your location so that you capture the same view with each format you are changing the image magnification and therefore the DOF.

Another example, if you photograph a flower to fill your frame with a 20mm lens and shoot at f5.6 and then set your 200mm lens to f5.6 and move back so that the flower is the same size in your frame i.e. the flower is the same magnification, your DOF will be exactly the same! What will change is your point of view and therefore the perspective.

Smaller formats generally have greater DOF because the image magnication is less for any given photograph.

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