1st go at HDR on Miami Beach

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Re: 1st go at HDR on Miami Beach

Thanks for the comments. I also would like I a function to create a 5-7 exposure autobracket at a user specified increment rather than manually doing it myself.

Yes, the Halos I see in many HDR images can get very distracting. The acceptability of what one would regard a good HDR photograph varies so widely, it's hard to come a common ground. For instance, my photograph may not have that "post-apocalyptic" look your talking about, but it may be too saturated and tinted for others. Note taken. One thing I will say though, this HDR image gets closer to capturing when I saw and felt at this moment of taking the photograph. I actually used to lifeguard out of this tower so their is some biased nostalgia there too.

But this get's me to thinking about National Geographic's standards of obtaining the unedited file straight out of the camera. While I understand NG's philosophy of the pursuit of truth in their photographs, I also believe of type film and digital capture presets play huge role in the final image. One day we may have digital cameras that are able to take single captures with a massive dynamic range and excellent highlight transitions. But when that day comes it will be probably be more accepted.

This is not a knock on National Geographic. I actually agree their standard is one of the reasons their magazine is so distinguished. It's also the only way to make absolute sure their getting the real deal and not some chopped up monstrosity.

Anyhow I'm still learning as a hobbyist and my attitudes and taste will probably change with time. Thanks again.


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