NEX-5N vs. Nikon 3100

Started Sep 19, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP lukeols Junior Member • Posts: 28
Re: NEX-5N vs. Nikon 3100

Are you saying that the options are worse for the NEX 5N? or that the system as a whole is of worse quality?

I was not trying to take long exposures with high ISO, i generally had it set to 200, and with 1 min, 2, 5min exposures, the amount of noise (generally stars and the night sky) was too high to be satisfactory for me. Do you think that the NEX or the d3100 will be an improvement in this regard?

Also just got back from the store looking at the NEX 5n and 3100, and also am adding the SONY a37 to the list. But, the size of the NEX was super appealing. Cons: menu naviagation was far better on the two entry level dSLRs.

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