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Re: Closed-minded, No...

Everdog wrote:

The problem is you are in a very small minority.

By your own comments you're the pot calling the kettle black.

As yourself, others have their own likes and dislikes. If you think the E-M5 the greatest thing since slice bread that's good for you, just beacuse others disagree does not make them closed-minded.

Olympus quickly found that more people are willing to buy the smaller/lighter micro four thirds cameras over the FF DSLR sized 4/3rds cameras. In fact, did you know that during Q4 of 2011, the best selling mountin Japan was Micro four thirds? Compare that to 4/3rds which was always a distant 3rd or 4th. ...

Actually the reality is that Olympus failed at marketing their E-xxx and E-xx DSLR's to be competitive enough with the Canon and Nikon entry and mid-level DSLR's. Yes the E-xxx and E-xx were popular, but "Olympus" could not sell enough of them to make them profitable enough to continue mfg.

Olympus may doing well with the m4/3rd's now, but based on past history time will only tell if Olympus can remain competitive enough with all the others (Canon, Nikon, Panny, Sony, etc.) that are now doing mirror-less digicams. The merge with Sony may be helpful.

As to sales, just go to B&H Photo and compare the number of user reviews of the EM-5 and other Oly mirror-less digicams against the other makes. The majority of the photo stores in my area no longer stock Olympus products. Except for the E-500 2-Lens Kit I bought when it was first released, I ended up buying all my Olympus gear from B&H Photo.

At this time, and most likely for quite some time, EVF's are no match for a good quality all glass prism viewfinder. This plus the slow max apertures of current m4/3rds 12-50 and 75-300 is not something "I" want. By the time Oly ever does release the E-7 and try to sell for $1,700 +/-, Canon, Nikon, and Sony will probably have FF DSLR's for not too much more.

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