Swapping Nikon 300/4 and Sigma 500/4.5 for Nikon 200-400?

Started Sep 19, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Swapping Nikon 300/4 and Sigma 500/4.5 for Nikon 200-400?

For bird photography from the kayak, I use my 300 f/2.8 and or 500 f/4 with and without a 1.4 or 1.7. TC. I shoot a lot of loons, osprey, and eagles on the water and find that I value reach as most of my shots are either early AM or have birds pearched in a tree. I like the range these cover on a D4 & D7000.

I also have the 200-400, which is my mammal lens. This is great for framing large animals (moose, deer, bear) but for birds, I find that it is always at 400, and even then the birds are not filling the frame. Which begs the question, why just not shoot the 500 and have better IQ than the 200-400 with a 1.4 and the loss of 1+ stops of light?

Where are your 300 & 500 falling short? They are a great combo for shooting on the water. Granted its a lot of weight to hike with, but manageable. The 200-400 will serve the roll for hiking or getting close to your subject, but for birds you want reach and that is why I would opt for keeping the 500. What I can not speak to is the Sigma 500, but the Nikon is good and not too heavy to carry. Seems like you have a good combo.

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