Another reason to ditch Internet Explorer

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Re: Another reason to ditch Internet Explorer

sjgcit wrote:

The test referred to are out of date ( a serious issue in security terms ) and seem to refer to "social engineering attacks". These type of attacks rely on users, in effect, helping. The problem is that the most recent vulnerability, which is extremely serious, can exploit IE without the user's intervention. IE has proven to be more vulnerable to these types of attacks over the years.

Users need to be aware that highly sophisticated attacks are becoming the preferred weapon for hackers.

People should also note that attacks on smartphones and other types of internet browsing systems are now a major problem. Unfortunately these mobile devices have poor security by desktop standards.

Hmm yes, but again, no. Microsoft is only number 9 in the top 20 companies sorted by vulnerabilities in 2011, with 321 issues, behind Google (324), Apple (360), Oracle (497), Gentoo (523), Debian (563), Canonical (625), Red Hat (982) and the overall winner, Novell, with more than 1100 acknowledged issues in 2011 alone (see page 10 in the document linked below)

Staying with Microsoft operating systems and software, including web browsers, seems to be - by far - the safest bet regarding security.

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