NEX Lens Lineup: Still need more lenses?

Started Sep 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: NEX Lens Lineup: Still need more lenses?

Ok owning and having shot most of the Sony Emount lenses out there with the notable exception of the 18-200, you can have all of the lenses you want if the IQ is crap does it really matter? The only lens that matches the promise of the sensor is the existing Zeiss.... The lens that matters most to me is the Mid Range Zeiss G series Zoom that didnt come out. This is like having a porsche with a Yugo engine in it. If I want the IQ then I am stuck with non Native manual lenses and Corner fix... Sorry but its the truth..... Fantastic Camera but Sony is truly showing its an electronics company (incremental electronics upgrades), and not a camera company...

I also want my firmware fix for the 7 was well.

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