What's the future for the K01?

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Re: What's the future for the K01?

JNR wrote:

viking79 wrote:

My guess it means exactly that, John hasn't seen any roadmaps. That could just as easily mean we are planning something that we aren't talking about as it could we aren't planning anything (unlikely).

However, some of the answers do indicate they tend to remain a niche market, and if they do remain a niche market there is no reason they have to have a mirrorless.


I hope you are right about the first statement, as inelegant as it was expressed.

I rarely disagree with you, Eric, but Pentax with its emphasis on compactness and affordability cannot possibly abandon the hottest segment.

Not only is Carlson hinting niche strategy, but he opens by listing history (legacy lenses) as the brand's main strength. This may well be true, but it is absolutely the wrong signal to send when you actually have some great products to promote. This is so sad.

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Agree completely!

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