DxO scores are in...

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Re: DxO scores are in...

I think about it in different way.

After 1 year, with much lower resoluztion 24Mp Vs 36. You get the same performances.
Something is wrong.
I was expecting better low-light performance, better DR.

I think that Nikon have crippled the sensor to match the D800 output to don't hurt the sales of flagship.

is the sony using lower tech on 24Mp to improve the margin ? maybe I expect stupid move from sony even something so silly like that, insted to go all out with a masterfull FF 24Mp to break the stronghold from Canon-Nikon duo.

Canon is on the way down with subpar sensor, lower specs body, not crash down only because the idiot at Sony instead to be aggressive on FF with a full features body that under cut the Nikons have choose the same old way of overpriced, nobody care, way.

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