Sigma 10mm Fisheye AF APS-C anyone tried it?

Started Sep 19, 2012 | Discussions thread
Rawmeister Regular Member • Posts: 277
Re: Sigma 10mm Fisheye AF APS-C anyone tried it?

Yes - I have it and use it on a Sigma SD14 and SD1M.
It's ok except for a high amount of CA and a bit mushy corners.
Stopping sown does not improve the situation.
I've tried to correct the CA in post but it's not possible.

All you can do is hit the area with decrease saturation tools, but thats a load o work.
It's more of a problem with the larger sensor on the SD1.

All in all I think the f2.8 aperature is overkill and makes the lens more expensive than makes sense.

Better of to get the fantastic 8-16mm which is a real gem. Not fisheye though.

The rectilinear 8-16 is much more useful if you know how to handle a wide lens well, which aint easy anyways.

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