Question for the Think Tank Retrospective 5 owners

Started Sep 19, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Question for the Think Tank Retrospective 5 owners

You'll need a bigger bag than the Retro 5 to fit two bodies w/zoom lenses plus add'l lenses. That's for sure.

I can't see you comfortably fitting two bodies w/zoom lenses, even w/o add'l lenses, into a Retro 5 unless one of the zoom lenses is a short/wide pancake or collapsible. Nothing bigger than an Oly 14-42 coll or Panny 14-42x. Or a prime pancake, not ultrafast: think 14/2.5, 17/2.8, 20/1.7.

I use glued back-back caps to stack shorter lenses in my Retro 5, so I can fit a G5 or GH2 w/pancake plus 3-4 add'l lenses, or a G/GH plus GF5 plus 1-2 add'l lenses. Sub a compact Pen for one of your EM5 bodies and you'll make some room for glass.

It's all about physics and volume...

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