Size: GH3 vs. Pentax K-5_

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Re: Size: GH3 vs. Pentax K-5_

I am much amused by all the cries of: "too huge!" when almost nobody has held one yet. It certainly does look large, and for some, maybe many here, it will prove to be too large, but my how we love to get worked up about stuff we've never seen/held in the flesh.

That said, I am certain Panny will sell all they can crank out, in a flash, and it will be many, many months until one can walk into a retailer and find an unsold GH3 available for purchase.

I wouldn't mind if the GH3 were closer in size to the GH2, but the GH2 is already too big to fit in my pocket, my smallest padded bags or my small-med bicycle handlebar bags. Pockets need a GFx, small bags need a Gx.

I'm also struck by how many EM5 users love their battery grip, which certainly makes the overall rig considerably larger. I love the way that package feels and balances, and if I were lucky enough to own an EM5 I would find a way to procure a grip.

If the camera performs, there will be happy users despite the increased size.

I'm not sure what the lesson is to be learned from Oly's doomed 4/3-series. Maybe that under-performing, under-marketed cameras with tiny, horrible tunnel-vision finders won't sell well? The E1 was ground-breaking, the E330 had the most accurate color rendition on the market but terrible looks and ergonomics, and after that it was all downhill. The E400 series were tiny and handy, but by that time IQ was soundly thrashed by Canikon.

I've owned a couple of E1s and E420s, played with all of them. They didn't die off because their bodies were too big. They were marginalized by poor comparative IQ and became irrelevant. JMO, natch...

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