D600 gets 94pts DXOmark

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Re: D600 gets 94pts DXOmark

oklaphotog wrote:

CyrusK wrote:

Nice to see a high score for the 24Mpx FF
Actually... Is it confirmed that it is a Sony sensor ?

I don't think it's confirmed as a Sony sensor, it may be a Nikon in house design fabbed by either Renesas or Sony. According to the DPR listed specs they are not the same....

D600 Sensor Size: 35.9x24mm
D600 Max Res: 6016×4016

A99 Sensor Size: 35.8×23.8MM
A99 Max Res: 6000×4000

Another note, is that the A99 probably has a different CFA, AA filter, and don't forget how the built in AF points on sensor may affect things. The A99 sensor could be better or worse, but only time will tell. I bet the A99 scores close to the D600 though if the D600 sensor is fabbed by Sony. Right now SAR is claiming they are the same sensor though, and chances are that they are not the same, but may be similar.

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