Samsung fanboy?

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Re: Samsung fanboy?

smarter wrote:

I can tell you: It's quite strange to open up my camera bag and almost all I see is Samsung gear...

Never fret. There's plenty of people who own plenty of Samsung. I have a GX-1L, bought way back when Sammy was still selling those things and it still serves me well as a backup telephoto (normally have a 500mm lens permanently on it) body to my Pentax gear. Also enjoy my EX1 very much. In addition I have two Sammy TVs, Galaxy SII, Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Note phones and a Galaxy Tab tablet. Samsung have sold me plenty, but I feel I've had my money's worth out of them.

My photo club friends - Canon and Nikon guys, with the occasional Sony shooter - tend to put on airs over the Sammy equipment, but then my pictures certainly match theirs from a technical pov, while my cash investment is way lower. I'm certainly not unhappy. If it works for you - and your pictures certainly indicates it does - don't fret it.

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