GH3 - How do all those wheels work?

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Re: GH3 - How do all those wheels work?

The left is for the motor drive, single shot with each press of the shutter, rapid fire hold the shutter, self timer and I can't make the other out but it may be for remote shutter release.

Next wheel is program modes, WB, ISO etc...

What usually happens with the wheel is when you switch to Aperture priority the wheel controls shutter and the other way if you pick Shutter priority.

If you select manual exposure one wheel is for aperture and the other for shutter.

Its the same way Nikon works as I recall my D90 and its been two years since I switched to MFT's completely.

I also assume you have custom control of which wheel does what. You also have a vertical grip accessory and I have to check but that grip may also have a function wheel for vertical shots.

Serenoa wrote:

I live in an area that has no nearby camera stores and I am not familiar with any advanced cameras with lots of physical controls. All my camera knowledge comes from the internet. My current camera is a Pany G2, so I am familiar with the wheel which must be pushed in to select aperature/exp comp/speed and then twirled to change the selection up or down.

So I am trying to figure out on the GH3 just what the 3 wheels actually do. It looks like to me that you select iso/exp comp/ or white balance with one of the buttons and then twirl the top wheel to change the value + or -, correct? If so, what does the wheel on the top back plate do? Same as on the G2, changing aperature or speed? or something else?

Thirdly, how does the ring around the menu select button work? Like using the wheel on a mouse? where you scroll through the menu items?



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