Have the 16mm Pancake and 18-55 kit, what do I need to fill the gaps?

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Re: Have the 16mm Pancake and 18-55 kit, what do I need to fill the gaps?

Let me add to my earlier, the 'learn before getting more gear' message.

Historically, when I got my first SLR and added a second and third lens, I also added a darkroom etc to my set-up. And I enlarged in b+w to my heart's content.

That gave me valuable training and information.

So, may I suggest you get into digital developing before adding camera gear.

I assume here that you use out of camera (ooc) jpegs mainly, comparable to as one would by sending one's film to a lab in the old days.

For that you need to calibrate your monitor-computer-printer interface. For best results you need to shoot in RAW and develop in something like Lightroom or similar software. Then you will soon notice that you need a good 24 or larger monitor. But you will become master of your output, just as I became through my darkroom enlarger etc and not through more camera gear decades ago.

Learning to see and take good compositions and pics plus hoe to make good copies of them is a two pronged road to success beyond your dreams. Adding a this or that lens to your already wide focal range now will not be as effective, especially if you rely on ooc jpegs.

That (ooc jpegs) is like tying your shoelaces together when you want to run. Small incremental gear improvements (as suggested so widely and profusely here) are useless for your aims, particularly when the available big improvements are not realized without having your own digital 'darkroom' and you learning how to develop digital raw files. (That learning took me around 3 months .. ) And I am nowhere a master, but ooc jpegs from the NEX 7 look like wallpaper to me now, bland, sorry excuses for what was seen and what was actually caught.

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