New OMD EM-5 or 12-35 Lumix ?

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Re: New OMD EM-5 or 12-35 Lumix ?

I shoot a GF1 and a GH1 now, mostly with adapted (fast f1.4-f2) manual focus lenses (m-mount, om, m42). I mostly shoot on the streets of tokyo in daylight, but sometimes I shoot in the clubs or streets at night time. Sometimes friends will ask me to shoot portrait or promo photos (lots of artist/musician/dj friends). I mainly shoot iso100-400 to avoid the noise, but sometimes I need to go to iso800 or iso1600 and there is definitely noise then.

I like many things about the OMD, but there are also some quirks in the ergonomics which annoy me and which are keeping me from spending the money. If I can get over the quirks I may just get the OMD + 12-50kit. I know it is a great body and it has many things very right. But I am also tempted to give up on this generation and keep shooting my GF1/GH1 for another year until the next-year models appear.

as tempting as the 12-35 f2.8 is, I think I really am a prime lens shooter. I almost never grab my zoom. so I should just stick with my primes and my 14-45.

funny but I may be deciding to buy nothing

Optical1 wrote:

jessicajp wrote:
I have been having similar thoughts to the OP,

Your advise on the 12-35 vs 14-45 is really good for me. I really need to start using my 14-45 lens more. I have fast primes so even f2.8 feels kind of slow for me. But the difference from 1.4 to 5.6(4stops) is huge compared to 2.8 (2stops).

it still is not a clear decision for me yet though.

Optical1 wrote:

Sell the E-P3. Buy the E-M5 body only, and buy a used or new 14-45. While I really like my 12-35, I love my OMD. If I were forced to give one up, it would be the 12-35.

If you can do with the 14 vs 12 at the wide end, the 14-45 is almost as good for a fraction of the price, and the high ISO performance is much better on the E-M5 - which should help compensate for the smaller aperture. It is also much smaller and lighter than the 12-35.

What are you shooting now? If you're shooting one of the 12mp sensors, the step up to the OMD when shooting at higher ISOs, you can make up quite a bit in terms of exposure. It really does help bridge the gap. While I really like the 12-35, I depend on the 2.8 f-value much less than I thought I would.

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