FZ200 vs Leica V-Lux 4: Any differences?

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Re: FZ200 vs Leica V-Lux 4: Any differences?

Stephen McDonald wrote:

Jimmyjoebob wrote:

If it's anything like the Leica DLUX versus the Lumix LX cameras, the jpeg engine in the Leica is considerably better. Also the Leicasonics have better resale value. Plus the $100-ish Adobe Lightroom is included. Also a better warranty.

For those who don't use RAW, would the Leica J-PEG processing give an advantage?

And how welcome would V-Lux 4 photos be here? The Leica Forum is not oriented around this sort of camera.
Steve McDonald

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Are you guys suggesting that Leica has a different JPEG engine than Panasonic? and therefore the JPEG quality may be different, or better? This is new to me and I would like to know if there is some comparison reviews. The last couple of times I checked, it seems everybody was saying there was no difference in IQ.

I assume the Leica version still use the same RAW format as Panasonic, right? Otherwise there may be a question about whether all the popular software supports the Leica RAW or will be quick in release versions to support it.

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