Strange sound when zooming FT lenses on E-M5: WTF?

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Strange sound when zooming FT lenses on E-M5: WTF?

I double-post this phenomenon and question also in Micro FT Talk, because it relates to FT lenses on E-M5 body.

Until recently I had only used on my E-M5:

  • the µFT 12-50mm lens

  • FT primes like the ZD50, ZD25 or ZD8

  • the ZD70-300 lens that is CD-AF enabled.

Today, I wanted to try out a few other (non CD-AF) Zuiko FT zoom lenses on my E-M5 (mainly testing AF in dim light for an upcoming event).

And here is the thing : with the ZD12-60mm and the ZD7-14mm (and also with the older ZD14-54mmMk1 and the ZD50-200), I distinctly hear some kind of sound in the lens when I zoom in.

Before you mention it:

  • It is not the hiss of the IBIS (I have gotten used to that).

  • I believe it is also not the "rattlesnaking", because I had understood that this occurs with some lenses during AF adn dependent on which mode is used, notably also on certain lenses which are NOT zoom lenses (like the PL25mm and the µFT45mm).

The sound that I mean is a light clicking sound . And most importantly: it occurs independent from any AF functionality. The mere turning of the zoom ring creates the sound.

Paying close attention, I am sure that the sound originates from inside the lens, not the body.

  • The sound is NOT there when I turn the zoom ring on the same lens, with the power of the E-M5 OFF. Only when power is ON. So it has to have something to do with what the electronic contacts (or the MMF-3) do.

  • The sound is also NOT there when I do the exact same thing with the lens attached to a FT body like the E-3 or E-5.

I'm not really worried because the above makes me assume that it is not a defect. I'm just curious.

I was wondering whether it could be the aperture closing down in steps throughout the zoom range? But the ZD7-14mm is a constant F4.

Has anybody else experienced this?
Better still : does anybody know the explanation?

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