rx100 very unsharp wide open at 28mm !?

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Yes an no. My scientific brain has to ask what could sony have had with a 1" sensor and a lens as good as the XZ-1(or higher end lens on an SLR type quality) in regards to sharpness. Of course, ignoring price and size.

I wonder how good the XZ-1 lens really is. Since the sensor is only 10mp along with other IQ problems inherent with small sensors the lens may have defects that we just can't see but would be visible on a larger high resolution sensor.

Obviously, the answer is, a more expensive camera that is larger. Most folks don't want that.

True, as resolution and sensor size increases lens design becomes more difficult, the lenses are larger and production more expensive. The fact that Sony is able to put a lens this good with a 1" sensor in a camera this small is quite remarkable.

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The RAWS are fantastic. I like to shoot at 35mm eq. The corners a its 35mm wide open(f2.0) out resolve my e-pl2(12mp) with the 17mm f2.8 pancake lens. While the Olympus 17mm pancake isn't known for superb image quality, its not bad.

Again, you are right in that the 20mp sensor really helps with resolution. The more disturbing issue is the lens decentering, because some images I've seen of that issue show portions that are exceptionally blurry. The S100 however is known for that issue too.

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