rx100 very unsharp wide open at 28mm !?

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Re: Utter nonsense.

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DjarumBlack wrote:

Most of these compacts, in general, suffer from corner softness wide open, generally at both the wide end and long end. Some are better(XZ-1) and some are worse(S100). The samples on this forum and others that I have seen are in some cases noticable at 50 percent. For many photographers, this isn't a huge deal. Most people don't shoot landscapes wide open.

But if one has to stop down 2-3 stops for sharp corners, while a smaller sensor compact like XZ-1 or LX-7 can be used wide open or 1 stop down, much of the advantage of the larger RX100 sensor disappears. When shooting landscapes in the golden hour, one may be forced to shoot wide open to keep the shutter time within an acceptable range.

Every compact is a compromise, and the RX100 compromises optical quality in the corners and for macro/closeup (compared to some premium compacts with smaller sensor). It's a design decision by Sony in order to keep the camera as small as it is; good for some and not so good for others. I think RX100 more a people/events shooter than a landscape/architecture/macro camera ...

I am not disagreeing at all. For my own needs, I would have paid more for a sharper lens and compromise on some portability. I don't need shirt pocket portability. Some of the Images( Ray Sachs) have been outstanding from this camera.

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