rx100 very unsharp wide open at 28mm !?

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Re: Utter nonsense.

Tom Hoots wrote:

DjarumBlack wrote:

Are you denying the reputable results by Imaging Resource?

No. I think you can absolutely, positively trust that they didn't make any statements about corner sharpness based upon macro shots, as close as can be taken, with the lens wide open.

Most of these compacts, in general, suffer from corner softness wide open, generally at both the wide end and long end.

That's not even the point. The point is that anything you see in the corners of a macro shot, as close as can be taken, with the lens wide open is a lack of FOCUS, not of "sharpness." These are the settings you would use to "show bokeh," not "judge corner sharpness." If you want to get an entire macro shot in focus, you start stopping down the lens.

The point here is that this is one of the most nonsensical complaints about a camera I have ever seen in a decade's worth of DPReview forum participation.

Tom Hoots

Well, maybe, maybe not. If the lens is truely rectilinear, writing on a complete flat wall should, regardless of how close the wall is, be sharp to the corners. One of the samples in this thread showed a news paper, which obvioulsy isn't percisely flat. Many lenses, especially wide angle, aren't exactly rectilinear at close focus distance, so even a flat wall could show OOF blurriness at the edges.

The tests at Image Resource, however, have proven that the lens at certain focal lengths, wide open, isn't terribly sharp. This may or may not matter to some.

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