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Re: Yeah.. change really sucks...

Jim Radcliffe wrote:

Yeah, I was happy back in the day when TVs were black and white.. then they came out with those new-fangled color TVs.. then they made them flat screens with high definition.. bleh! Same goes for telephones.. I liked the old phones where you had to actually dial a number using a rotary dial.. not using buttons.

I'm with you.... Change really sucks doesn't it?

The way it goes on now, yes, change sucks. Name one photographer you admire who had a habit of replacing his/her cameras every 6 to 12 months (photographers on Nikon payroll don't count). Enough changes already, please.

Speaking of TV's, my grandmother hated color TVs. To her, people's faces looked unnatural on them, so she continued to watch a black-and-white set till the end (but B&W does look good, doesn't it?). Also, this may surprise you, but a phone with a rotary dial had never prevented me from enjoying a conversation

My point is, a true Leica has everything needed to make great photographs. The "technology" only gets in the way. Some technology is OK, but, like I said earlier, enough is enough, god dammit!

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