is FX really recommended over DX?

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Re: is FX really recommended over DX?

amitpahuja wrote:

I do lots of Landscape, Travel and Action photography and am contemplating going for a FX format D800/D600. I would like to know if there's real difference in FX format apart from more coverage (which is a ++point for me) ?

I have a D300 and a D700. Both are 12mp cameras, with essentially the same body. I put MB-D10 grips and EL4a batteries on each, so both give me 8fps too. Comparing the two formats, I find the following:

1. FX is generally competent for everything I do, with specialized exceptions. The D700's sensor has more dynamic range than the D300, and it has more ability for post-processing, so even when conditions don't really favor DX or FX, the D700 tends to give me more leeway in post. Depending on the sensors you look at, this could be a big reason to favor one over the other.

2. FX advantages are (other than the sensor happening to be better): wide angle and low light. That's really it. Some will say that shallower depth of field is an advantage, but that's only an advantage when you want shallow depth of field. I find it a disadvantage shooting landscape, where I need to stop down an extra stop or more to achieve about the same DOF from

3. DX has a number of advantages. The lenses (wide ones) are smaller, lighter and cheaper. You have crop reach on longer lenses. The whole package is easier to pack. Definitely easier to work with for travel and wildlife. More depth of field helps with landscape.

Also any recommendations on the glass upgrade? I have the below gear as of now.

Nikon D90 - Nikor 18-105, 50mm, 55-300, MB-D80, SB-700

Eventually try to upgrade all the glass. The flash is fine. Start by adding glass to give you capabilities you don't have, like wider, or perhaps faster. You can build around the 18-105 if you stay with DX.

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