Defending the D600

Started Sep 19, 2012 | Discussions thread
MichaelIsGreat2 Regular Member • Posts: 160
Defending the D600 and you are right to do so!!

The truth is that the Nikon D600 is 98% of a Nikon D800 but "only" at 24 MP instead of 36 MP, as the Nikon D600 image quality (high dynamic range, high ISO capabilities, etc.) is at the same level than the Nikon D800!!!

The remaining 2% in favor of the Nikon D800 is for its stronger build quality and a few insignificant details (I leave aside the 36 MP vs 24 MP but 24 MP might even be the better count for many!).

By the way, the Nikon D600 was designed to be lighter and smaller than the Nikon D800 and therefore it had to sacrifice in its build quality but it is fully sealed against dust and moist like the Nikon D800 and D4.

When you see the amazing specs of the Nikon D600 (better or equivalent to the specs of the Canon 5D Mark III except for the build quality) and compare it to the bad specs of the Canon EOS 6D (bad auto-focus system, no 100% viewfinder, no 2-card slot, and many more issues), you realize that the Nikon D600 is an amazing camera, all at a bargain price!!

Make no mistake, the Nikon D600 will be a HUGE success for Nikon!! That is for sure.

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