Anyone else get hosed by the OM-D rebate?

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Re: Anyone else get hosed by the OM-D rebate?

3dwag wrote:

"This was several months ago, but, as I recall, I asked to speak with a supervisor, explained my concern that if they received any documentation they certainly had received it all, as I had it stapled together -- the supervisor pulled up my file, and said that they did not require any other information, and I had my check a couple of weeks later."

It's plain as day from the above anecdote that merely doing a double, triple or quadruple check of your submission forms before sending them off is no guarantee in and of itself against a rebater disallowing your claim initially. Exactly HOW they choose which claims to disqualify is anybody's guess, but it's obvious there's some kind of quota system afoot here which dictates arbitrary selection of a given percentage of claims.

But if you scrupulously did all your homework prior to posting your submission packet, and can confidently tell a supervisor you've got photocopies of every last scrap of the original documentation, there's a good chance he'll fold as soon as you phone in to dispute the disallowance.

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