RX100 with close up filter

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Re: RX100 with close up filter

sem wrote:

D4D wrote:

Thanks, so its def not worth getting anything weaker than +8, and should stick away from the ebay stuff? Just asking cause I found some used but like new Tiffen filters up for grabs (both the 1,2,4 set and a 7,10 set made in japan) that I could probably get for under $15 including shippng.

All single-element filters have the CA problem, likely heavier than what software auto correction can handle. Achromats have two or more elements. There is not much choice for high-diopter achromats. Canon 250D (+4), Marumi DHG achromat 200 (+5), some other Raynox models DCR-150 (+4.8), MSN-202 (+25), MSN-505 (+32)

so just to get this straight... achromats would be the best quality as it will not have CA as much as single optic. HOWEVER as the RX100 has a smaller sensor you cannot use an achromat to get the super macro effect as most only go up to 4+ and the RX100 really needs around a 8+ ????

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