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I tried to reply to this:

Jan Hoogendoorn wrote:

Nice shots. Where these shots handheld or on stand? Do you have experience with the settings "High Sensitivity" and "Handheld Nigh Shot"? I am curious how that works out.

Possibly a stupid question, but what does f.i. 10/50 sec mean? Is that just another way of expressing 1/5 sec?

but my answer disapeared.

It was:
1. Tripod;

2. High Sensitivity is for desesperate cases. In my opinion, it works but is very noisy;

3. Handheld High Shot: numerous photos (10?) merge in one. Good but, even if it is quick, dont move. Not the best for an enlarged photo.
4. 10/50, a form in DpReview to present 1/5 sec. To keep you active...

In a word, when I want to have the best night photos, I take my tripod. Another virtue is to take your time, to choose your angle, to take fewer photos but to be careful. It is a 'nuisance' but it has it's virtues.

Having said this, I will wander in random in the city to take whatever shopwindows I see, atmosphere and quidam I enconter, with handheld FZ200. Being a 2.8 camera, I think that many of my shots will be in normal pattern. I love this liberty.

Hope to be understood in my bad English,

Pierre, parlant français au Québec.

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