GH2 or GH5 for a general walk around and travel camera

Started Sep 19, 2012 | Discussions thread
dezignman Senior Member • Posts: 1,591
Video with the G5 is...

Corkcampbell wrote:

If your interest is primarily stills (meaning almost no interest in video) get the G(H)5. However, if you are interested in video, or think that you might be sometime, get the GH2, which is at a fantastic price point right now - obviously my recommendation is to get the GH2.

...phenomenal! The problem is that it lacks things like mic outputs, etc. But, the video is very good. You would have to use an audio recorder with an external mic if you chose to use the G5 as a backup camera for video. I agree that the better camera for video is the GH2 because it encompasses the important components of video shooting in one camera. But, again, the video itself is very good on the G5,

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